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  1. May a Municipal Board Contract with a CPA
  2. Inventory of Property at the End of Term for a Municipal Board
  3. Employee Resignation if Relative of Next Municipal Board
  4. May a Newly Elected Board Member Continue to Do Businees with Municipality
  5. Violation of Separation of Powers
  6. Chief Administrative Officer Confirmation by the City Council
  7. Municipality Tracking Speed of Vehicles
  8. Payment of Retiree's Health Insurance in Order to Continue to Provide Coverage
  9. Entering a Term Contract That Extends Into Next Term of Office
  10. Term Contract Extending Into the Next Term of Office
  11. Are municipal expenditures limited during the last three months of a term of office?
  12. Selling Surplus Property Without Public Sale or Taking Bids
  13. May a Municipality Sell Surplus Personal Property to its Employees?
  14. Must Municipal Boards & Councils Limit Expendatures at the End of Their Term?
  15. Municipal Officials Liability for Their Official Actions After Their Term of Office
  16. Proper Filing of a Candidate Petition
  17. Is the mayor in the council-manager form of government in the executive branch?
  18. Municipality Providing Water & Sewer Services at Less Than Required by Municipality
  19. May the child of a candidate remain employed by the city if the parent is elected?
  20. May a police chief remain employed by the municipality if brother is elected alderman
  21. What is the form that must be used to write individual surety bonds?
  22. Must a municipality pay the costs of surety bonds required for its employees?
  23. May a current mayor swear in his replacement in the next term of office?
  24. How should the current board conduct an end of term inventory?
  25. Should petty cash funds be accounted for at the end of the term?
  26. Have surety bond requirements been increased for municipal officials in 2009?
  27. Does a municipality have the authority to negotiate a fee for extra police protection
  28. Statute of Limitations for Collections of Debt
  29. Mayor Authorization of a Purchasing Manager to Sign Contracts on His Behalf
  30. Operating Cameras in Police Vehicles After the Enactment of House Bill 1568
  31. Municipality participation in conducting a Main Street music festival.
  32. Monetary rebates for booking motel rooms.
  33. Is it a violation for a full-time deputy sheriff to serve simultaneously as mayor?
  34. May a municipal judge sentence defendants as habitual offenders?
  35. Maintaining a law enforcement dog that is in the custody of a municipal K-9 officer.
  36. May a municipality employ the stepdaughter of an alderman as a clerk’s assistant?
  37. Authority for a city council or individual members to hire personal assistants.
  38. May a newly-elected mayor or board of aldermen vote to raise their salaries?
  39. Are municipal employees entitled to 15 work days off with pay for military service?
  40. Priority in the use of athletic fields.
  41. May a municipality permit a for-profit entity to profit from use of athletic fields?
  42. Are municipal tax levies still required to be filed with the State Auditor's Office?
  43. Filing copies of papers approving ad valorem tax exemptions with the State Auditor.
  44. May a newly elected board make unlimited revisions to a budget adopted in September?
  45. Must a municipality conduct an audit of its property at the end of the fiscal year?
  46. Must a municipality conduct a cash count for petty cash funds at the end of the FY?
  47. When must a municipality contract for its annual audit?
  48. Must a municipal board answer legal compliance questions and record on its minutes?
  49. May a code charter mayor veto an order terminating a municipal officer or employee?
  50. Legality of holding a special meeting without notifying the mayor.
  51. Adjusting a water bill if water is used to fill a swimming pool or a pipe bursts.
  52. Demolishing an abandoned house under Section 21-19-11.
  53. May a municipality employ a corporation to act as the municipal building inspector?
  54. Providing police escort for an athletic team when traveling outside the municipality.
  55. Limitations for discontinuation of utilities for non-payment.
  56. Is it legal for an alderman to hold the position of building inspector of the city?
  57. Authority to pay a firefighter for a holiday that falls on his day off?
  58. What must a municipality do with its audit report when it is finished?
  59. Borrowing money in anticipation of ad valorem taxes.
  60. Would a fine adjudicated in Circuit Court involving an appeal from a municipal court within the jurisdiction thereof be paid to the municipality?
  61. What path of recourse may a board of aldermen pursue against a mayor in a code charter who refuses to uphold municipal ordinances?
  62. Do municipal police officers have the authority to make arrests, work felony cases and write citations on county property located in the city?
  63. Authority of a municipal police officer who is certified as a school resource officer.
  64. May a town clerk directly supervise three of her siblings who are all town employees?
  65. May a municipality round up its utility bills to the next highest dollar for the purpose of generating funds to make special improvements to the municipality?
  66. May an alderman be a contractor or vendor to the city?
  67. May the spouse of the newly elected police chief continue to be employed as police dispatcher?
  68. What procedures are to be followed by a member of the board of aldermen to review employee time cards? Does the mayor have to approve a request for such review?
  69. If the accepted highest bidder in a municipality’s sale of surplus personal property defaults, is this an enforceable contract?
  70. May an alderman vote to approve the payment of claims for fuel purchases which will not benefit his employer but may benefit a related company?
  71. May a municipality accept a donation of funds from a developer for the purpose of replacing water lines in a certain area within the municipality?
  72. May a municipality pay the cost of annual flu shots for its employees?
  73. What matters must a municipal board address at its regular board meeting?
  74. Who keeps the Municipal Docket and what is contained in it?
  75. May a municipality pay all of its worker’s compensation insurance cost from the municipal general fund?
  76. May a municipal board authorize the mayor to use an unmarked municipal vehicle?
  77. In a code charter municipality, does the mayor have the authority to declare his position as full-time or is it up to the board to make that decision?
  78. Does a mayor have a right to have copies of arrest warrants, case files, police reports and police inventory keys in his possession?
  79. May a municipality lease its property for less than fair market value to a corporation or entity for a business or profit-making purpose?
  80. Does a municipality have the authority to allow a probation company to collect fines for municipal court that are not delinquent?
  81. Does a municipal utility commission have the authority to require the municipality to pay for its utility services?
  82. May a municipal board offer some type of amnesty or partial suspension of fines which have been assessed to encourage defendants to come in and pay?
  83. May a municipal tourism commission expend funds to sponsor a local golfer on a professional golf tour for the purpose of promoting tourism of the municipality?
  84. May a board of aldermen consider, nominate and vote to hire personnel of its own choosing, regardless of whether that person is someone the mayor has recommended?
  85. How many votes are needed to override a mayoral veto in a code chartered form of government?
  86. May an alderman reintroduce a motion on a matter that was vetoed in a prior meeting?
  87. May a constable use his constable car when on duty as a municipal police officer?
  88. Does a board of aldermen have the power to provide extensions of time to pay water bills in emergency situations?
  89. Does a board of aldermen have the power to authorize the mayor to give extensions to water bills in emergency situations?
  90. Does a mayor have the authority to give extensions to water bills in emergency situations without authorization by the board of aldermen?
  91. Is a municipality responsible for collecting state taxes from the various vendors and or organizations who lease municipal properties (such as flea markets, etc.)?
  92. May a municipality waive the rental fee charged for use of a municipal facility if used by the school district?
  93. When must a municipality hold its budget hearing or hearings?
  94. Must a municipality give notice of its budget hearing?
  95. When must a municipality adopt its tax levy?
  96. Where may a municipality find a budget calendar?
  97. May a municipality award a nonpublic safety employee who must work on a scheduled holiday compensatory time for the work performed on the holiday?
  98. May a municipality award a nonpublic safety employee compensatory time when his or her regularly scheduled day off falls on a scheduled municipal holiday?
  99. Must a municipality have a property owner’s permission to enter upon private property to address a drainage problem?
  100. May a municipality perform drainage work on private property with the owner’s permission if it results in an incidental benefit to the property owner?
  101. Does a landowner’s grant of permission to a municipality to do drainage work on private property impose future maintenance obligations upon the municipality?
  102. How may a municipality perform drainage work on a landowner’s private property without his or her permission?
  103. When must a municipality adopt its tax levy?
  104. Must a municipality give notice of its budget hearing?
  105. When must a municipality hold its budget hearing or hearings?
  106. Does a municipality’s authority to regulate manufactured, mobile and modular homes within its municipal limits, allow such to be entirely excluded from the municipal limits?
  107. Is a municipality responsible for charging sales tax on the admissions to municipal owned and operated events that occur in a municipally owned park?
  108. Utilizing Section 21-33-326 to borrow funds in anticipation of reimbursement by a state agency for costs incurred moving utility lines as a result of bridges being replaced.
  109. Passing a motion in a board of aldermen meeting when only two members of a five member board are present.
  110. Who has the authority to place a new bonding company on the list of companies authorized to bond individuals for a municipality?
  111. May a former city board bind a future city board concerning how certain federal funds would be utilized on a certain project within the city by written contract?
  112. Does a mayor have any authority to pay a claim that has not been properly approved by the board of aldermen?
  113. Are zoning ordinances adopted by a municipality applicable to land owned by a community college?
  114. May a municipal court expunge a conviction for a traffic violation under Section 21-23-7(6)?
  115. Is a municipality authorized to reimburse a property owner for the cost of a culvert that the property owner purchased for installation on his property?
  116. Can a municipality request an exemption from audit?
  117. May a municipal court judge set a bail schedule which allows for bail in an amount exceeding one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) for a misdemeanor charge?
  118. May a municipal court judge set bail based on the penalty range of the underlying charge including court costs and assessments?
  119. Appointment of a third judge as municipal judge pro tempore pursuant to Section 21-23-9.
  120. Can a judge pro tempore only serve if both municipal judges are absent or unable to attend court?
  121. Does a municipality’s governing authority have the authority to place speed bumps on municipal streets?
  122. Is a municipality authorized to adopt an ordinance making it a misdemeanor to fail or refuse to connect to its municipal water system?
  123. Does the Mississippi Ratepayer’s Bill of Rights pertain and apply to the practices and procedures of municipally owned and operated utilities?
  124. Under what general circumstances may a municipality allow the use of its public buildings by citizens and private non-profit groups?
  125. May a municipality donate funds to an after-school program to be administered by the United Way?
  126. Requirements of notice given when a municipality exercises the authority to clean property that is a menace to public health and welfare under Section 21-19-11?
  127. May a resident of a municipality opt out of municipal garbage service?
  128. May a mayor use statutory authority to preside at meetings to prevent a board of aldermen from discussing and voting on matters which fall within its legislative authority?
  129. May a municipality authorize a city employee to take a city vehicle home if the employee is on call for water or sewer system duties?
  130. Authority of a mayor to authorize work to be performed when a contract has not been first authorized by the board of aldermen.
  131. Does a mayor of a code charter municipality have the authority to allow and/or disallow persons to address the board of aldermen?
  132. May a mayor of a code charter municipality require a majority vote of the board of aldermen before an item is removed from the meeting agenda?
  133. May a board of aldermen reduce the mayor’s salary?
  134. May a mayor of a code charter municipality veto a resolution that was adopted at a regular meeting at which he was not present and the mayor pro tempore presided?
  135. May a code charter municipality’s mayor unilaterally adjourn a meeting of the board of aldermen and refuse to allow the board to conduct business?
  136. Adoption of an order authorizing a municipality to deduct pay of a mayor and/or aldermen if they are absent from a meeting.
  137. May a city clerk immediately refund the balance of a utility deposit due to a customer without awaiting action by the board of aldermen?
  138. What is involved in terminating municipal water services for nonpayment?
  139. Extra payments to a municipal employee for work in preparing a grant application.
  140. Can a municipality legally reimburse its depository bank for an overpayment of interest by the depository bank to the municipality?
  141. Is a municipality allowed to assess a building permit fee on construction of a National Guard armory?
  142. May a city pay for the cost of operating and repairing private lift stations located on private property for the sole benefit of private businesses?
  143. Does a municipality have the authority to grant the exclusive right to use municipal real property to a non profit organization?
  144. May the city council negotiate and pay claims that are time barred by the statute of limitations?
  145. If a Board of Aldermen refuses to appoint a municipal court clerk, may the mayor require a deputy city clerk to act as court clerk?
  146. Our municipal court clerk has not received the mandatory training yet. How long may we pay her for performing as clerk without the training?
  147. May a municipality refuse to accept out of state personal checks for traffic fines?
  148. May a municipality assess a check processing fee on out of state personal checks to the payor?
  149. Is the board of aldermen required to place in its minutes an employee's name discussed during executive session pursuant to Section 25-41-7(4)(a) where no action is taken?
  150. If an employee, salaried/hourly, is suspended “with pay” and does not work, should he be paid for that time? If board suspends him “without pay,” is he entitled to payment?
  151. May a municipality donate a surplus property parcel to a local economic development organization pursuant to Section 21-19-44?
  152. May a City Council, under the Mayor-Council form of government, reconsider the appointment of board members to the municipal school board?
  153. May the mayor pro tempore call a meeting without the mayor, if the mayor is not out-of-town?
  154. Who do the town workers answer to?
  155. May a municipality lease land outside the town’s corporate limits for a community work center?
  156. May a municipality require utilities to be placed in the name of the property owner?
  157. What jurisdiction does a sheriff have inside an incorporated municipality enforcing municipal ordinances, traffic accidents, and arrests for felonies and misdemeanors?
  158. Is there a legal way to help and support citizens with debris removal not related to a disaster or emergency?
  159. A municipality issues show cause notices to defendants who fail to appear in court. May the municipal judge assess amount of court cost for issuance of a show cause notice?
  160. When a felony prisoner, arrested by municipal police and incarcerated in county jail, is injured and requires treatment, who is responsible for expense of medical treatment?
  161. If a municipal prisoner does work for the county while incarcerated for the city, is city required to give prisoner credit towards his city fine for work performed for county?
  162. When should a municipality start its budget process for the fiscal year October 1, 2011 through September 30, 2012?
  163. Must a municipality conduct an annual inventory of its property?
  164. Must a county tax collector pay a municipality one half of the county's road maintenance tax collected within a municipality?
  165. Must a municipality hold a budget hearing for next year's budget?
  166. When must a municipality adopt its final budget and tax levy?
  167. What should a municipality do to prepare for an audit?
  168. When should a municipal board start its budget process?
  169. Can a municipality employ a security firm to provide a security guard at a city park on a part-time basis in the summer months?
  170. May a municipality enact an ordinance which assesses a transfer fee for the sale of cemetery plots in a municipal cemetery?
  171. May a municipality enact an ordinance which assesses criminal penalties and fines for false alarms for private alarm systems in homes and businesses?
  172. In absence of tuition reimburse policy, may municipality reimburse from fire department training budget its firefighters all or part of costs of EMT or paramedic class?
  173. Must a municipality with outstanding utility system bonds prepare a special financial report?
  174. When should a municipal board start its budget process?
  175. Does a municipal judge have the authority to limit the court’s audience to those who are parties before the court, their legal representatives and party witnesses?
  176. May a city employee who is suspended without pay use his personal or compensatory leave as a method to get paid while suspended without pay?
  177. May a municipal employee sponsor himself or herself as a candidate to attend a part-time police academy without the approval of the mayor or board?
  178. When a municipality wishes to dispose of surplus real property, must the municipality obtain three appraisals?
  179. May a mayor or alderman be asked to leave during executive session when that person is the subject of executive session and there is a possibility of an ethics investigation?
  180. May the board of aldermen take a sitting mayor’s name off the bank accounts so that the mayor may not sign checks?
  181. Does a mayor have the authority to close town hall without the knowledge or approval of the board of aldermen?
  182. If a municipal board has adopted a policy requiring board approval for travel, does the mayor have the authority to override board’s policy and authorize travel for employees?
  183. May the board of aldermen designate certain road funds for the alderman-at-large’s discretion in where to use them?
  184. When must a municipality conduct an inventory of its personal property, and is this inventory a public record?
  185. Does a municipal judge have the authority to block the court clerk from attending the courtroom during judicial procedures?
  186. Section 21-19-11 has a fairly detailed procedure to address overgrown lots and dilapidated housing. May a municipality enforce shorter process for cleaning private property?
  187. May municipal court add fee for cost of taser cartridge to fine of person who pleads guilty or found guilty if person was tased during arrest? Would this fit Section 21-23-7?
  188. If a municipal ordinance requires nightclubs to close at a certain time, may the police force closure of the business at that time if it remains open?
  189. May a municipal judge enter an order setting a day or days that people may pay old fines and some percentage of the fines will be suspended?
  190. What should a municipality do if a claim for payment is received for a service that was provided in the prior fiscal year?
  191. Must a municipality with outstanding utility system bonds prepare a special financial report?
  192. Should a municipality adopt a policy regarding holidays?
  193. What should a municipality do if a claim for payment is received for a service that was provided in the prior fiscal year?
  194. May a municipality clean up private property using municipal resources, such as inmate labor or individuals working off municipal fines?
  195. Can a municipality request an exemption from audit?
  196. May a municipality go outside the city limits to pick up recyclables that otherwise would be sent to a landfill?
  197. Is there a way for a municipality to declare a piece of property as dangerous to the public and clean it?
  198. Is there any authority, other than the $10 per day authorized in Section 21-23-7(11), for a municipality to recoup the cost of housing a prisoner?
  199. Can medical costs be added to the costs that the municipal court assesses against an inmate under Section 21-23-7(11)?
  200. If municipality sold property at 2008 tax sale and failed to comply with notice requirements of Section 27-43-3 at end of the redemption period, must sale be voided?
  201. If a municipality declares a tax sale void, may the property be resold at the next tax sale?
  202. A grant was presented to the board and approved in the form of a contract, as reflected in the minutes. May mayor relinquish the grant without approval of the city council?
  203. An individual was convicted of two misdemeanor charges on same date at same time. May petition filed for expungement of both charges as first offender be granted on both?
  204. Must a municipality pay wages during the time that an employee is on active service with the National Guard during summer camp?
  205. May board of alder. establish and adopt policy on roadside safety checkpoints, which would specify duration, maximum locations and max. no. of checkpoints performed quarterly?
  206. Under state law, may a municipality change holiday work and pay policies for its employees, including different holiday hours given to employees working 8 or 12 hour shifts?
  207. If a person is convicted of carrying a concealed weapon, can the Section 97-37-3 requirement of forfeiture of the weapon be suspended by a municipal judge?
  208. May a newly elected municipal board member continue to do business (such as sell goods from his or her store) with the municipality after he or she assumes office?
  209. May a municipality forgive outstanding personal property taxes owed on foreclosed property?
  210. May a city pay health insurance premiums on retirees who have elected to return to work under Section 25-11-127?
  211. May a municipality use drug forfeiture funds to purchase a scoreboard for the municipal recreation department with antidrug messages on it?
  212. May a municipality pay the cost of annual flu shots for its employees?
  213. How can a municipality keep track of new legislation and who is representing each municipality in the legislature?
  214. May a municipality enter a term contract for commodities or construction that will extend into the next term of office?
  215. The sheriff has served as town’s interim police chief for several months and never requested payment for these services. May town pay him now for those services as chief?
  216. May an alderperson supervise a municipal employee?
  217. Q May aldermen who are members of a church participate in zoning actions involving signage at the church?
  218. Is a municipality required to provide benefits to part-time employees equal to benefits received by full-time employees?
  219. Under the mayor-council form of government, can members of the city council mandate their participation in contract negotiations conducted by the mayor and city departments?
  220. Can a city completely ban clubs and adult entertainment establishments?
  221. May a municipality limit the number of bars or clubs within the corporate limits?
  222. What is the authority for a municipality to provide FEMA trailers as homes for its citizens and locate them on real estate owned by a local housing authority?
  223. Is the rescheduling of the regular meeting of the board of aldermen limited to the first week of each month?
  224. How long does it take for a nonconforming use to be declared abandoned, thus requiring future conformity with the appropriate zoning restrictions?
  225. May a municipality use either the design-build or dual-phase design-build process for expanding its tennis complex?
  226. May a municipality erect a monument on municipal property in honor of the fallen soldiers of the municipality; is such a monument limited to $1000 as per Section 21-19-55?
  227. Does an alderman have the authority to call a city employee to a board meeting for questions after an employment-related matter has been resolved by the employee’s supervisor?
  228. Does a municipality have the authority to secure an option to purchase land? If so, is an appraisal required if the price for the option is only $3,000?
  229. Does a municipality have the authority to maintain private roads for school bus turnarounds?
  230. May a municipal utility commission enter into a contract with a third party to sell advertisements, which would be placed in the monthly bills of its customers?
  231. May a municipality provide office space at city hall for the Chamber of Commerce? If so, must the Chamber be charged for utilities?
  232. In the mayor-council form of government, is approval of job descriptions and departmental organizational charts a function of the mayor or the council?
  233. May a municipality purchase an option to purchase real property and, if so, must more than one appraisal be obtained?
  234. When should a municipal board start its budget process?
  235. What amount of compensation can the city pay to its poll workers?
  236. May a municipal board rescind an order and, if so, may the mayor veto that rescission?
  237. Are “mugshots and their charges” releasable by the police department pursuant to a public records request?
  238. May the board of aldermen make appointments to the municipal school board when two aldermen have relatives employed by the district?
  239. What compensation may a municipality pay to its poll workers?
  240. Does the city have the authority to compensate poll workers for mandatory training for managers and clerks?
  241. Does the municipality have the authority to send a letter to a property owner demanding that their building be repaired for the purpose of protecting the citizens?
  242. May a municipality retroactively grant an ad valorem tax exemption on personal property for a prior year?
  243. If a board member makes a motion and is silent during the vote on that motion, does that count as having voted in favor of the motion?
  244. May a municipality waive charges for building permits and inspection fees in the nature of a donation to a new school, or undertake a partial waiver?
  245. Must counties & municipalities advertise and hold hearings if they intend to propose an ad valorem tax levy that is or would cause an increase from the current certified levy?
  246. Must a municipality hold a budget hearing if it does not intend to increase ad valorem taxes?
  247. Must a municipality hold its Section 21-35-5 regular budget hearing if it holds the ad valorem tax increase budget hearing under Section 27-39-203?
  248. If the Commerical Appeal is a newspaper of general circulation in the city, may it still be used for publishing legal notices under Section 13-3-31?
  249. What procedure should be followed if a board member asks for copies of bank statements to compare with the claims docket and financial statement?
  250. May a board of aldermen delegate its authority to set salaries to the mayor or mayor pro tempore?