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  1. Use of Personal Vehicles for Security
  2. Abolishing School District in State of Emergency
  3. Denial of Access to Particular Media
  4. Can a School District Issue Promissory Notes
  5. Reduction in Education Enhancement Funds
  6. Investing Bond Proceeds
  7. State Universities Contracting with Non-employee Lobbyists
  8. Employer Contributions to PERS for Unreported Service
  9. Abolishing a School District
  10. May School Districts Allow Payroll Deductions for Charitable Organizations?
  11. May a School District Consent to the Town's Ownership of a Communication Tower?
  12. Maintenance of Approved School Bus Turnarounds
  13. Authority to Confiscate and Sell Student's Personal Property
  14. Maintenance of School Bus Turnaround
  15. Determining Fair Market Rental of Land Under Section 29-3-63(1)
  16. Should 16th Section Land Leases be Set at an Annual Rate of 5% of Appraised Value
  17. Establishing Rental Rates for 16th Section Land
  18. School District to Loan, Lease, or Donate the Use of School Buses to the City
  19. Storage of Permanent Student Records in any Acceptable Form of Medium for Storage
  20. Operating Funds for Voluntary Early Childhood Education Programs
  21. Must the Superintendent Approve Student Absences for Medical Appointments?
  22. Section 29-3-81 Provisions for Reclassification or Leasing of Land
  23. Has legislation entitled "Children First Act of 2009" been enacted by the legislature
  24. Has legislation been enacted to amend Sections 29-3-45 and 29-3-49?
  25. Donating Property to Original Owner Without a Reversion Clause
  26. Student's Right of Privacy from Executive Session Hearing Minutes
  27. Are band instruments considered "equipment" for the purpose of Section 29-3-113?
  28. Executive Session to Conduct Interviews/Discussions for Hiring a New Board Attorney
  29. What components may be taught in a sex education class authorized by Section 37-13-17
  30. Teachers receiving payments from an out-of-state retirement system and PERS.
  31. Can a board of education assess a fine for the possession of a cell phone?
  32. Does the school board have the authority to sell a confiscated phone?
  33. Federal Individuals with Disabilties Education Act (IDEA).
  34. Accreditation level of schools and school districts.
  35. State Board of Education contracts with regional educational service agencies.
  36. Borrowing 16th section principal funds to pay old notes and use of the balance.
  37. Borrowing 16th section principal funds to create a new note.
  38. Sections 37-101-187, 37-101-189, 37-101-191 and 37-103-193.
  39. Mississippi After-school Initiative Task Force.
  40. Change in the method of selecting the county superintendent of education.
  41. Mississippi Delta and Southwest Mississippi Area Workforce Training Projects.
  42. Eligibility of CPA firms to perform 2010 FY audits if they audited 2007-2009.
  43. Donation in the form of installation of artificial turf.
  44. Is a nonprofit foundation required to comply with state bidding requirements?
  45. Have Sections 37-5-9, 37-7-203 and 37-7-711 been amended?
  46. Section 37-19-7(1) as amended by Senate Bill 2050.
  47. Assignment of twins or higher order multiples to classrooms in public schools.
  48. Annual alternative school program review and evaluation report.
  49. Notice of non-renewal for employees whose contractual days are being reduced.
  50. Donations or use of school personal property for a community event.
  51. May a business owned by a county employee or spouse contract with a school district?
  52. Surety bonds for the board of trustees of a public school district.
  53. Use of personal leave when a teacher is subpoenaed to testify regarding a student.
  54. Payment of the national board certification salary supplement without 100% funding.
  55. Portion of the national board annual salary supplement not funded by the state.
  56. Authority for a school board to both recommend and employ teachers.
  57. May a school district proceed to advertise the sale, accept and open bids on land owned by the district prior to the cessation of use of the land by the district?
  58. Does a quorum of school board members have to be present for the school district’s budget hearing?
  59. Adoption of a policy authorizing the county superintendent of education to accept resignations of contractual employees.
  60. May the daughter of a school board member be employed as a teacher in the school district?
  61. May a school board member also serve as a paid member of a head start policy council which is funded by the school board?
  62. May a student who resides in a municipal school district attend a county school if the parent or guardian wishes him or her to do so without first receiving permission?
  63. Violation of Section 37-9-17.
  64. May appointed members of municipal school boards “hold over” after their term expires until such time as the city council approves the mayor’s nominee to fill said position?
  65. Funding a municipality to employ crossing guards to facilitate the passage of children during their travel to and from school.
  66. Is the language in Section 37-5-19 that requires a county board of education to fill a vacancy on such board “within 60 days” after the vacancy occurs mandatory or directory?
  67. Does a school board possess the authority, on its own action, to extend the time an employee has to request an appeal hearing?
  68. May a local school district renew contracts of certified teachers without including the district supplement as part of that renewal contract?
  69. Is it permissible for a school district to pay a public relations or marketing firm to conduct a community survey to gain an idea of the support for an upcoming bond issue?
  70. Section 37-57-108 - Borrowing funds to cover a revenue shortfall.
  71. May a county school board transfer school property not needed for school purposes to an entity for the purposes of future development of the property?
  72. May a member of a school board also serve as an officer of a parent teacher organization (PTO) within the same school district?
  73. Has legislation been enacted to establish the “Mississippi School District Emergency Bridge Loan Act?”
  74. Has legislation been enacted to require the school board to prepare and file with the SDOE a plan under which the district intends to reduce costs in the district?
  75. What is the procedure which governing authorities are to use in making the determination of the amount of annual rental payments for sixteenth section land?
  76. May a school district place legal notices in a newspaper owned by a school board member or do business with medical clinics owned by a school board member?
  77. Will a certified law enforcement officer be able to be armed as a school resource officer and have the same arrest power while working as a school resource officer?
  78. Is there authority pursuant to any statute which would allow the school district to sell advertising space to private advertisers on the school district’s website?
  79. May a school district enter into a contract with a private entity for the transportation of school children?
  80. May a school district pay an individual whose teaching license has been revoked pending a decision on her appeal?
  81. Who has the power and authority to designate the particular school or attendance center of the district in which a child shall be enrolled?
  82. May a school district adopt a policy which deducts from the teacher's salary an amount equal to one day’s salary, in lieu of the deduction for the substitute amount?
  83. Does a school district have the authority, pursuant to Section 37-57-108, to issue promissory notes to cover shortfalls for prior years for which budgets have lapsed?
  84. Do teachers who provide educational services to detainees at the juvenile detention centers contract for the 187-day school year or a full calendar year?
  85. May a community activist group conduct observations of classes during the school day?
  86. Is there a uniform system of accounts for public school districts?
  87. May a school district enter into a contract for transportation of pupils with a private contractor without obtaining bids?
  88. May a school district be allowed to pay for one email account and/or one internet account for school board members?
  89. May a school board authorize a community activist group to conduct observations of classes during the school day?
  90. May a school district acquire property by condemnation?
  91. May a school superintendent’s spouse be employed in a position at a particular school under the supervision of a school principal?
  92. Voting to change the office of superintendent of a consolidated school district to be an elected position as opposed to its current status as an appointed position?
  93. May a company continue to do business with a school district if one of the company’s employees is elected to the school board of trustees?
  94. May an elected county school board member serve as a poll worker in county elections?
  95. May a school district continue to do business with a hardware store which employs a member of the school board of trustees?
  96. May a municipal board make appointments to the board of a municipal school district when two of the municipal board members have spouses employed by the school district?
  97. May a member of a school district board of trustees whose term expires January 2011 continue to serve after the expiration of his term if no candidate is seeking the office?
  98. Who should keep and preserve the minutes of a school board of a separate municipal school district?
  99. Authority of a school district to participate financially, through an approved interlocal agreement, in the planning and development of a countywide recreation complex.
  100. What is the statute that addresses the use of a purchasing agent by a school district?
  101. Is a school district purchasing agent required to have a surety bond?
  102. Are joint purchases of supplies and services by school boards of public school districts authorized?
  103. What action is required of a school board that chooses to participate in joint purchases?
  104. Is there a single purchasing agent for school districts participating in joint purchasing arrangements?
  105. What is the bond requirement for school board purchasing agents?
  106. How may a local school district dispose of personal property (not land)?
  107. Is a school district authorized to pay a stipend to its employee acting as project director with excess grant funds?
  108. May a hunting club in which the school superintendent is an officer lease Sixteenth Section land from the school district?
  109. May a county supervisor contract with the county school district?
  110. May a municipality withhold a fee or commission for the collection of property taxes for a municipal school district?
  111. Does a school district have authority to obtain credit cards in the name of the institution for payment for hotel rooms, air, train or bus fare for employee-related travel?
  112. May someone other than the superintendent transcribe minutes of the school board?
  113. Does Section 7-7-43 prohibit a school district from issuing a warrant to a district employee who is indebted to the district?
  114. Should bonds for elected school board members be issued for four years or for their six year term?
  115. Is a school board member exempt from school district policies regulating school visitors, such as sign-in and visitor pass requirements?
  116. Are exemptions granted to board members who fail to receive the required basic training during the first six months of service?
  117. May a school board member also serve in the state senate?
  118. Who has the power and authority to designate the particular school or attendance center of the district in which a child shall be enrolled?
  119. Are band instruments considered “equipment” under Section 29-3-113 which governs investment of Sixteenth Section Funds and sets requirements for use of principal fund money?
  120. Would the appointment of an alderman as an interim county superintendent for a county school district under conservatorship violate the separation of powers doctrine?
  121. May a school district accept a private monetary donation for assistance to those students not eligible for free lunches who nevertheless can’t afford to pay for those meals?
  122. May a community college adopt a policy authorizing the granting of plaques or championship rings to reward successful students and faculty in academics or athletics?
  123. Has there been a change to the law related to schools’ observance of Veterans Day?
  124. Are exemptions granted to board members who fail to receive the required basic training during the first six months of service?
  125. What are the surety bond requirements for school district employees and officers?
  126. Can the in-house counsel for the school district also serve as the attorney for the school board and represent the school board at board meetings?
  127. Can university police, institutional security and other law enforcement continue to enforce Section 97-37-17 (prohibition against possession of firearm on edu. property)?
  128. May member of a school board be employed by one of school district’s depository banks when he or she is an hourly employee who does not receive bonus based upon bank profits?
  129. Does family with dwelling in two separate school districts, where school age children spend night at each dwelling two or more nights per week, constitute dual residency?
  130. Is a substitute teacher a non-instructional employee under the definition in Section 37-9-1?
  131. Is the provision of Section 37-9-17 available for the school board to hire the daughter of the newly-elected superintendent if she was not previously employed by the school?
  132. Is the attorney for a school district entitled to receive health insurance and other benefits of a regular full-time school district employee as part of his compensation?
  133. May a county supervisor be employed by a community college which receives funding from the board of which the supervisor is a member?
  134. May a city board make appointments to the board of the municipal school district when two city board members have relatives who are employed by the school district?
  135. If an education center is established pursuant to Sect. 37-31-71 through 37-31-79, may the center accept students of entities which are not parties to the formation agreement?
  136. May a regional education center be a party to develop and administer a program with the State Board of Education under Sections 37-31-101 & 103?
  137. In reference to Section 31-7-13(d)(iv), may a school district determine the amount of funds allocated after the bids have been received?
  138. May a stockholder of a bank accept a part-time employment position with a public university when the bank deals with bonds and deposits of the university?
  139. Does a school board have the authority to reinstate a non-licensed employee who has been terminated by the superintendent?
  140. May a school district act as an immigrant’s H-1B sponsor? As sponsor, may the district pay the attorney fees associated with the application?
  141. May a school district enter a contract with a synthetic turf contractor to replace the school’s turf, under which ads would be sold to be placed into the turf to cover costs?
  142. Is a community college authorized to make expenditures for awards for outstanding performance by students, employees, and others?
  143. May a county supervisor be employed by a municipal separate school district?
  144. May a county enact a building code applicable only to platted subdivisions and other specified residential and commercial developments in the county?
  145. May a community college purchase real property when some of the banks holding liens on the property are businesses with which some of the college trustees are associated?
  146. May a school board member be employed by the county?
  147. What is the superintendent's role and who should be present in an executive session of the school board where concerns on the performance of an employee are addressed?
  148. Does the school district have the authority to hire an investment broker?
  149. May the board of education borrow money from its Sixteenth Section Principal Fund pursuant to Section 29-3-113 for the purchase and installation of security cameras?
  150. When a municipal school district comes out from under state conservatorship, who hires the new superintendent, the newly-formed school board or the city council?
  151. May campus police officers function as law enforcement officers when accompanying athletic teams to out-of-town games?
  152. Does Section 37-7-301(t) apply to shared savings contracts and lease or lease purchase agreements?
  153. A teacher who does not reside in the district in which she teaches wishes to transfer her child to the district in which she teaches. May she do so?
  154. May employees of a community college operate a private, for-profit business which charges applicants for student financial aid at that college to complete aid applications?
  155. May a school board contract with a nonprofit corporation when a member of the school board also serves as an uncompensated director of the nonprofit corporation?
  156. May a school district pay for an event provided by the son-in-law of a principal where the principal negotiated the contract?
  157. May a member of a school board be employed by the school district’s depository bank when his or her salary is not based upon bank deposits or profits?
  158. May a foreman in the school district bus shop continue to be employed by the school district after the employee’s spouse becomes a member of the school board?
  159. May a community college employee serve as an elected member of a school board within the community college district?
  160. May a member of a school board serve as an uncompensated volunteer for a volunteer organization that makes donations to the school district?
  161. After a municipal school board trustee has been confirmed, may the mayor request the trustee to resign?
  162. A school district is paying to lease property for use as a high school. Is this property exempt from property taxes, since it is being used as a public school?
  163. Does the State Board of Education have authority to adopt a policy that establishes a statewide standard that a student must be present a certain portion of a school day?
  164. Is the five-day notice requirement for teleconference meetings satisfied by a board (State Board of Education) policy?
  165. When will the elections for municipal school board trustees for added territory take place, and will the elections previously scheduled for March, 2013, still take place?
  166. Our municipal school district has a trustee from the added territory whose term expires February 28, 2015. Will Senate Bill 2074 shorten or extend her term?
  167. May a school district make routine purchases from the only hardware store in the county when the store is owned by a school district employee?
  168. May a school board member have an interest in a sixteenth section lease when the original ninety-nine year lease was entered between 1940 and 1960?
  169. Can a school district structure a principal’s salary which is reflective on the number of students qualified for free and reduced lunch?
  170. May the Governor appoint a new trustee for the school board?
  171. May a school district allow years taught at the college level to count towards a licensed employee’s teaching experience as defined in Section 5 of the MAAEP?
  172. May a municipal school district change its name? How would it go about doing this? Would it affect the status of the district?
  173. The term of a member of the municipal school board expires January, 2016, but he has resigned effective June 1, 2013.
  174. Does a school district have the authority to use public funds to purchase private insurance policies?
  175. Is real property owned by the Board of Trustees of the Institutions of Higher Learning subject to municipal zoning ordinances?
  176. May a school district license its name or logo?
  177. Our school district wishes to close a public road that travels across school property.
  178. Are exemptions granted to board members who fail to receive the required basic training during the first six months of service?
  179. May a vice president of a community college (effectively the second-in-command at the college) also serve on a municipal board of aldermen?
  180. House Bill 879, 2013 Regular Session, added subsection (5) to Section 37-15-29, relating to school enrollment of children of military members and personnel.
  181. If a child attends a school in a district other than his resident district under Section 37-15-29(2), is the new school district required to provide transportation?
  182. The elected superintendent of education for our county school system is resigning.
  183. Does Mississippi law allow an individual with an “enhanced conceal/carry permit” to carry a concealed weapon on a Mississippi public school campus?
  184. May a school district contract with a company owned by the superintendent of another school district?
  185. May a school bus driver sell t-shirts to booster clubs affiliated with the school district?
  186. Our district operates a vocational center under a federal grant ,so may we also transport private school students?
  187. Many teachers elect to receive their pay of 12 equal monthly installments in lieu of only being paid during months that school is actually in session.
  188. May a superintendent at a failing school require staff members to reapply for their jobs for the 2014-2015 school year?
  189. The coverage formula that subjected Mississippi to Section 5 preclearance, are the majority vote requirements provided for in HB 877, now enforceable?
  190. An state employee was married in a state which allows same-sex marriages. Is the spouse eligible for enrollment in the State and School Employees’ Life and Health Plan?
  191. May a school board contract with a nonprofit corporation which employs a member of the school board?
  192. May a business owned by the spouse of a school principal serve as a contractor to the school district?
  193. May the school district enter a construction contract with a business owned by the child of the district’s accounts payable clerk?
  194. What is the legal status of the facilities which were used by the school(s) which convert(s) successfully?
  195. Must a municipal school board member’s bond be filed in the office of the chancery clerk?
  196. May a community college board of trustees advertise real property for sale, set out the factual findings in Section 37-7-471 et seq.?
  197. Does Section 31-7-14, permit amendments to be made to existing energy performance contracts which have been entered into pursuant to that Section?
  198. May the district issue a shortfall note?
  199. May the district issue refunding bonds pursuant to either Sections 31-27-1 et seq or 31-15-1 et seq to refinance these loans?
  200. If the appropriate entity fails to act, does the State Board of Education have the authority to give the notices of nonrenewal?
  201. House Bill 71, effective after passage, provides that the standard contract for school district employees will have the salary payable in equal monthly installments .
  202. Senate Bill 2090, effective after passage, provides that school districts must pay licensed employees on a monthly basis.
  203. Must refunding bonds issued under the General Refunding Law of 1934 (Section 31-15-1 et seq) result in savings to the District in refinancing sixteenteenth section loans?
  204. Does the Mississippi Department of Education (MDE) have the statutory authority to limit salary supplements authorized under Section 37-19-7(2) to one per employee?
  205. Our district is considering the purchase of laptop or tablet computers. May the district purchase these using the proceeds of bonds issued pursuant to Section 37-59-1?
  206. What effect does House Bill 455 have on districts that were under Section 37-167-1 (7) and (8) restrictions already?
  207. The superintendent of my school district wishes to transfer a non-certified employee from one position in the district to another. Does this reassignment needs board approval?
  208. May a school district provides incentive pay for bus drivers who have not missed any days driving a bus?
  209. If an assistant principal recommended by the principal to the superintendent, who then recommends the employment of an assistant principal to the school board?
  210. Does a board of education have the authority to assess a fine on a student or his or her parent for the possession of a cell phone?
  211. Does the school board have the authority to sell the confiscated phone and apply the proceeds to the fine?
  212. May a school district employ the child or son-in-law of a newly elected school board member?
  213. Does a school district have the authority, pursuant to Section 37-57-108, to issue promissory notes to cover shortfalls for prior years for which budgets have lapsed?
  214. May the district enter into an agreement with a temporary staffing company to provide certain employees when needed?
  215. A “placement fee” for temp employees hired by the district as an employee during the first 90 days of his or her assignment, may the district pay that fee?
  216. Does the district have a duty to ensure that outside groups who use district facilities comply with or adopt their own concussion management and return policy?
  217. Does a non-attorney acting as a judge in a due process hearing regarding a SPED child in need of an individualized education plan constitute practicing law without a license?
  218. May an employee of a school district remain employed by the district where he or she is the sibling of a newly elected school board member’s spouse?
  219. Is our community college authorized to enter into an agreement with its bank to make payments to the college’s vendors electronically?
  220. May the district hold an employee’s paycheck if a dispute has arisen whether the employee owes the district for a missing fixed asset?
  221. May the school district pledge approved investment securities held by its Sixteenth Section principal fund as collateral against a loan?
  222. Does the School Board have the authority to allow a retired Teachers’ Association to use a school van at no cost to the district?
  223. May a school district or other political subdivision employ a person with a felony record relating to a felony covered by Section 25-1-113?
  224. May the district borrow from the sixteenth section principal fund to pay the costs to renovate and expand athletic field houses under Section 29-3-113?
  225. The Assistant Superintendent alleges that she was not paid in accordance with the School’s Administrative Pay Scale. May we pay her the additional compensation?
  226. Do licensed retirees employed part-time meet the definition of “licensed employees” under Section 37-9-105? Are they covered by the Education Employment Procedures Law?
  227. May a large law firm which employs a member of a public board maintain a relatively small contract with an institution governed by that board?
  228. Can the school board, pursuant to its existing policy granting personal leave to its employees, who were unable to work due to weather conditions?
  229. The school district would like to enter an agreement for a private vendor to place interactive kiosks on school property. Is such an arrangement allowable?
  230. Does Section 37-13-63(2) require the Governor to have declared an extreme weather emergency as a prerequisite to a school district ?
  231. Under Section 37-13-64, assuming the Governor has not made an extreme weather declaration, may school districts declare “extreme weather?"
  232. May the district retroactively grant the authority and exempt itself from the minimum required school session?
  233. Our community college would like to enter into an agreement with a private development to construct dorms. Does the college have the authority to enter into such a contract?
  234. The medical center provides services to patients that include surgical implantation of devices. Do we have to purchase these items pursuant to bid (Section 31-7-13)?
  235. May a county perform demolition work on school property for compensation?
  236. May a school district allow a non-profit organization to use the district’s buses to transport students to an educational program?
  237. Is a school board required to obtain prior approval of the Secretary of State on sixteenth section leases?
  238. Does state law restrict the ability of a school employee to campaign for or against an initiative?
  239. May a school district borrow from its sixteenth section principal fund to pay for goods to be used in a school?
  240. May a school board hold the superintendent responsible for lost or stolen property?
  241. May a school board grant a donation of right of way over and across Sixteenth Section lands pursuant to Section 29-3-91?
  242. May a Board of Supervisors retroactively cancel the tax sale of a Sixteenth Section leasehold based on the subsequent cancellation of the lease by the school district?
  243. Has the Legislature changed the statutory requirements for school district ending fund balances?
  244. Are community and junior college teachers still required to file an affidavit prior to employment, listing all organizations to which he or she has belonged?
  245. What is the new law about selling computers to students?
  246. May school salaries be paid directly from activity funds?
  247. May a school district lease a property (other than Sixteenth Section lands) to a volunteer fire department for nominal value?
  248. May an individual hold the positions of deputy superintendent and city council member simultaneously?
  249. May a school board contract with a non-profit foundation created by a community hospital to allow a nurse practitioner employed by the foundation to treat students and staff?
  250. May older copies of a municipal school board’s minutes be stored at the local library in order to ensure the minutes are well preserved?